I offer many different types of workshop, these include:

  • An evening of clairvoyance
  • Angelic Initiations
  • The Butterfly Experience
  • Solstice celebration
  • Sound healing
  • Pure Energy of the Unicorns, & White Light of the Unicorns

A description of what some of the workshops contain is listed below but please contact me for more information on the full range of workshops I offer.

Angelic Initiations

Channeled initiations from the Council of Angels

‘What has been revealed to me during the initiations is quite amazing and never ceases to amaze me. Feeling the Angelic energy and being in and part of the Angelic realm is the most humbling and deeply moving. Debbie has the amazing ability to place you right there in the midst of this wondrous world to experience past lives, present and future and astral travels.’ – Hloy

The Angelic Initiations were channeled to me in 2004 at 4:00 am in the morning by the Council of Angels. I didn’t know of their existence until that moment and had it confirmed to me later on that they are a 7th Dimensional group of Angels. The Angelic Initiations are 3 attunements which link you into the radiance and love of the Angels, allowing their vibration to work with you to clear away old patterns and most importantly fear. The process of clearing starts immediately you decide to attend, Angels will be aligning your energy to the correct vibration to receive the Initiations.

The whole day is lead by Archangel Michael, and I will allow June, a participant, to describe it to you:

“I didn’t know what to expect but the day started with us been put at ease with Debbie’s easy manner and laughter. She talked us through a guided meditation which started the process of letting go and allowing the Angels to attend to us. I really didn’t want to come back out of the meditation because I felt so safe, but also high with emotion as I recognised the guide who was with me. Debbie then channelled a beautiful being who talked from the heart about smiling and keeping our boundaries in place and then we were given a personal one to one message. Well the message blew me away, confirming things that I had already experienced in life but also relating to me experiences from the meditation which had just taken place, very emotional but also up-lifting, out there was a spiritual being who knew me and loved me. Amazing.

After lunch Debbie started the process of the initiations, or as she would say she is the channel for the process as Archangel Michael and many Angels show and tell her exactly what has happened during each section of the initiations. This has been the first time in any workshop where I have been given deep information.

Debbie put me in a relaxed environment and I just floated in a bubble of love as dolphins surrounded me and felt a cool breeze as they swam by me. Debbie channelled the most exquisite toning I have ever heard or more importantly felt, the vibration went deep within me and at one stage tiny explosions were going off inside of me as layer upon layer of restrictive energy was lifted. Wow! Well I thought that was it, but then she channelled Archangel Michael, who explained to me what work he had done, showing me three past lives and explaining the emotional energy that had been cleared for me, what part of my body had been affected and what I would now feel. What amazed me was that I saw images of these past lives in the clearing process, not really understanding them, and now I was given confirmation. He went on to tell me what implants/devices the Angels had found in me and how they had cleared them and what this would mean to me. Finally a description of the Lords of Karma relating to me what I needed to do now in my life to have total fulfillment. This was the fullest day ever, I arrived exhausted with life and left uplifted and also others in the group said I looked serene and younger. A fresh start as Debbie described to me, I was now in the Rainbow light, and I would spread the essence of the initiations to others just been me.”

If you want to know more about Angelic Initiations contact me via the contact page.

Diamond Within – Diamond Spectrum Healing

We are all a perfect Diamond, our energy is pure.  We ask the angels to work in conjunction with the diamond energy to shift blocks within us and allow our true potential to shine, enabling more confidence and belief in ourselves to come through.  You are then given the opportunity to see your role in this lifetime and realise your true potential.  you can read an article done by Kindred spirit in issue 101, Nov/Dec 2009 here.

The Butterfly Experience

This workshop was channelled to be by a beautiful star-being, helping you through a series of techniques to bring you into your light body towards self transformation. For those of you who feel different, who feel you don’t belong to planet earth and have difficulties with living with other people. Been sensitive to the vibrations of the earth and also having difficulties with diet, then this workshop will certainly help you.

I will describe a recent workshop, I have to say no one workshop is the same, as it depends on who is attending, what work needs to be done and also the star-beings that come through are all so different.

I always start the day with a meditation this just brings the group together and so we unite our energies as one, usually the guided meditation, channelled to me is significant in helping to clear and align your energies to accept the new vibrations that will be made available to you. This particular meditation was supported by the Emissaries of Light from Orion, Zirius and the Pleidies. The Guardian was the one who took us to a wonderful temple that refracted light everywhere and where many afterwards related to me how large they felt and a real feeling of not wanting to come back from this wonderful place.

Afterwards I went into trance to channel a star-being to guide you, this beautiful being came through and her voice was so loving and soft that the whole group was overcome with emotion because of the love that eminated from her. Her message was about our beautiful light body, how if we saw others in this way then we would not judge people from what they looked like from the outside and their personalities, we would only see the beauty of their radiant light. Through my eyes I could only see these amazing prisms of light coming down into the room, the whole energy was prisms, we are pure light and she wishes to remind everyone of this. People were in complete bliss and after I brought myself back into my body we all just sat, I would have stayed with this star-being all day. People commented that this was what they had wanted to feel for so long and it really took their breath literally away in the feeling of love and contentment, her Pleidian energy was wonderful.

Comments afterwards were very different from everyone, one lady who had been suffering from arthritis in her back and hips for years, found that after the morning meditation that she had no pain at all and proceeded to touch her toes at lunch time because she had not been able to do this for a very long time. She was in her seventies and decided to go dancing that night, because she could!!

Another lady whom I was staying with had a completely different reaction, she became very tired; this might have been due to the fact that she had done the Angelic Initiations the day before and also to the way that the Pleidians were aligning her lightbody. Within the meditation she had an out of body experience and really didn’t want to come back into her body, feeling it was too large for her. After the workshop she rested and then had a very up-set stomach, but we both felt that these star-beings were doing a major detox on her. She looked fantastic the next day, much lighter in body and mind.

This workshop changes depending on the group participating; In the past I have had dolphins and whales attending to us, which is also very powerful and extremely up-lifting. You will know if you are meant to attend because the above words will call to you.

If you want to know more about The Butterfly Experience contact me via the contact page.

White Light of the Unicorns

Unicorn energy is becoming stronger every day, they are the purest energy available, the spiral of their horn goes deep, healing past and present issues and allowing us to live a more fulfilled and happy life.

I have found working with Unicorns is very interesting indeed, as they seem to see things differently from us and have shown some very interesting healing experiences which make so much sense but would not be something that I personally would have thought about.