One to One Readings and Training

One to One Readings and Training

I believe you are all immense beings. Having a spiritual journey in human form. Learning to believe again in the gifts and powers you have had bestowed upon you. I am here to help you remember, not to live and think small but to see the immense and much bigger story of your life.

Join me now in contacting me for a 1-1 session which lasts an hour, recorded onto a CD and is available via Skype, phone, in person and email.

If you want more in depth work done with the Angelic Realm and advancement with your own psychic development, then book to have a series 5 Holistic, channeled Life Coaching session and see your spiritual connection grow.

The Three Fold Plan

The Three Fold plan is held over three consecutive weeks. The idea is that it is an intense series of sessions to work through major issues with you and imbalances in your life. These sessions bring up past lives which reflect issues happening around you at this time. I am guided to use tools to help you through sound healing, affirmations,. Sometimes the sessions also bring in other people connected to you and they are helped as well, i.e. partners and family members. The sessions are recorded for you and very deep healing is received.