About Me

Deborah Clayton

Angel Channel & Clairvoyant, Spirutal Life Coach, Teacher & Speaker, & Psychic Development Mentor

Deborah Clayton is a gifted and experienced Angel Channel & Clairvoyant, Spiritual Life Coach, Teacher & Speaker, and Psychic Development Mentor. She works internationally with clients across the world to provide individual support, healing, coaching and spiritual guidance, and has helped create life changing transformations with those she has worked with. 

Deborah started her spiritual studies at the age of 15 when she was introduced to inspiring spiritual teachers such as Diana Cooper and Doris Stokes. Together with the influence of her mother it ignited her own spiritual quest  and passion for developing and sharing her own unique gifts of spirit with the world. 

Her career began following tutorage from Diana Cooper to work with angels, and with intense development training from Elza Ayling a fantastic psychic and trance medium.  

She then went on to study further at The Arthur Findlay College in the UK, world renowned for the advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic studies, 

Over the past 35 years Deborah has developed her own unique style and pure gifts in clairvoyance and connection to spirit, and has become a highly successful pure clear channel to angels and the nature spirit realm. 

She is also, through training, an Aura Soma Colour Therapist, Usui Reiki Master, Angelic Reiki Master, Seichem Reiki Master, and has studied sound, theta and many other modes of healing (her belief is that all is from the Divine so all is equal). Deborah is also a qualified life coach. 

Connection to Spirit Guides

Through connection with her spirit guides Deborah has recalled past lives in Atlantis in the Dolphin Temple of Light using colour, sound and crystals, and a profound life with the Essenes working closely with the angels. After being drawn to visit Egypt she had an amazing experience within the Temple of Edfu whereby part of her soul was returned to her and this on her return to the UK opened up fully her clairvoyant skills. Later, whilst visiting the USA Deborah was awoken at 4.44am and was channelled the Angelic Initiations and was advised that she had used these previously in Egypt. Through these beautiful decodings she started to use her voice as a tool for healing and clearing energy.

In addition to her 1-2-1 sessions and readings, she now channels ancestral songs and light language from the angels and in trance she can sing messages from spiritual beings in rhyme allowing people to receive personal and potent spiritual direction and guidance.

Deborah also offers workshops internationally, and coaches and teachers others in their own spiritual development, including development as a clairvoyant and clear channel, and in various modes of energy healing.   She is passionate about using her many years of experience and her unique style and clear connection to the angels to help you create a joy filled life and to help you understand more fully who you really are.  

Currently Deborah lives in Cornwall, a beautiful coastal part of the U.K however she works internationally across the world, either in person with sessions and workshops, speaking at events or gatherings, and via online video calls, and voice calls.