About Me

Deborah Clayton

Holistic Life Coach

Hi, I’m Deborah Clayton and I started my spiritual journey from the age of 15 by meeting amazing spiritual teachers like Diana Cooper and Doris Stokes.

I studied at the Arthur Findley college in Stansted and ran two shops, one helping children believe in fairies through amazing parties and another introducing people to their Angels and supporting their development.

I awaken people to their inner Diamond, the essence of who we truly are. It is life changing. I empower people to see the divineness and potential that they have forgotten. I wake them up!!

Over a 35 year period I have trained in Aura Soma colour therapy, sound healing, Life Coaching, Angelic channeling and many modalities of healing (my understanding that all comes from the Divine so all is equal). I have developed skills in confidence and openness to channel Angelic helpers in an inspiring and loving way to really empower and help people find peace in their lives.

All this started at the tender age of 15, remembering who I was, with many supporting me on my journey, including my wonderful Mother.

I was drawn to train as an Aura Soma colour therapist, Usui Reiki Master, Angelic Reiki Master and Theta healing. Had tutorage from Diana Cooper to work with Angels, intense development from Elza Ayling a fantastic psychic and trance medium.

Connection to my Spirit Guides

I started to make a stronger connection to my spiritual guides, Ranu an Egyptian, Watchful Fox/Keock a native American Indian chief and Lei Su, my Chinese Reiki guide.  They are my teachers, protectors and have encouraged me to grow through putting me in challenging situations, and because of this, I started to remember past lives.  Firstly in Atlantis in the Dolphin Temples of Light using colour, sound and crystals.  I had a profound remembering of my past life with the Essenes, working closely with the Angels when they opened up the opportunity for me to visit Israel.  I then, through a series of signs, was drawn to go to Egypt and had an amazing experience in the Temple of Edfu, whereby part of my soul was returned to me and i started, on my return, opening up clairvoyant without any fear.

Watch Fox helped me make my connections in America and whilst visiting Florida in 2003, I was awoken at 4.44am and I was channelled the Angelic Initiations whom I was told I used in Egypt.  Through these beautiful decodings i started to use my voice as a tool for healing and clearing.

To this day, my spiritual path is still unfolding and evolving, my voice has been an immense tool of healing.  I channel ancestral songs and light language from the Angels.  In trance I sing messages from spiritual beings in rhyme allowing people to receive personal and potent spiritual direction and guidance.

Loved my Session…

“This lady is talented, uplifting – and very accurate. Definitely recommend.”
S. Cresswell

Brilliant – absolutely mind blowing.

“Not only did Debbie give me insight into myself – but my two children as well – Wow!!!!”
M. Swingler

My Workshops

My workshops vary, some that have been channelled beforehand and others that just unforld on the day for those present. I have included the wonderful presence of Whales and Dolphins, the guardians of immense knowledge, the wise ones.

In the White Light of the Unicorns, the healing has been immense, on all levels for people, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  I am now awakening people to their inner Diamond, the essence of who we truly are.  It is life changing; I empower people to see the divineness and potential that they have forgotten, I wake them up!!