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Linda Arigi

“Debbie has an authentic and unique ability, perhaps due to her personal good karma and past life experiences, and perhaps because she has agreed to incarnate at this time to be of service to many people. Debbie can reach with clarity into one’s higher self, one’s aura, one’s complete memory track and can bring out and share just the right pieces of information about what is unfolding in your life, and how to work with and soften any difficulties which removes much fear and worry. She also has access to the clients family members and loved ones, teachers and bosses and whomever has a major influence on your life. Often advice is given on why these people are in your life and how to work with them so the relationship can be beneficial to both. All information is presented with such love and positivity that there is no room for fear or anxiety, only the sharing of wisdom and hope. Time after time in the years I have known Debbie her words have proven to be true for me and for others whom I know that she has read for. She will change your life and I give her my fullest recommendation!”.

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