How I Work

How I Work

I am a clairvoyant who helps you to unlock your potential.

I believe we are all so much more powerful and amazing beyond our personal belief.

We are here on a soul journey in physical form and have Guardians and spiritual helpers who support us.

I have access to communicating with them, to give you positive and important information that is shown to me in your aura.


Working One-to-One

When deciding to work with a clairvoyant and book a one-to-one session, you are allowing a multi-dimensional story to unfold, relating to yourself in this lifetime and past lives as well; how your life relates to others close to you now, or acquaintances from the past.  I access information from the akashia records relating to your soul path in relation to your work, health, relationships and spiritual journey.  I am able to describe the essence and vibration of your children, partner and parents and see their highest potential and work with angels to bring through clearing to help them reach this.


Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael works closely with me with past life and ancestral clearing.  Going back into past lives he sometimes brings through a remembering of very positive and fulfilling lifetimes and sometimes healing a series of lifetimes which mirror a repetitive series of events which are being played out in this lifetime.


Your Aura

Your aura is brought into balance, any damage mended through past life and trauma/shock in this lifetime and chakras are realigned.  I work on your behalf for your highest potential and send you out into the world again in total balance and focus to help you accomplish what you are born to do.

Most importantly, I love the work that I do, feel humbled to be able to decode and work with these wonderful teachers and those of the Angelic realms.


  • You are all powerful and have access to making as many wishes as you want.  Just say them 3 times to invoke the power of 3
  • You are immense and all powerful and have so much boundless potential
  • The magical Genie you are, looks amazing.  Dazzling
  • You are a beautiful soul
  • Open to your friends encouraging and supporting you, they are the ones who awaken you by rubbing the lamp and believe in you
  • You are the bright spark of light deep within the lamp.  Break free from confirming and see and feel your highest potential
  • Dream big and have a deeper clarity of your dreams
  • Don’t let your conscious mind erase your highest potential
  • You are not a tiny speck in the cosmos, but a bright and wondrous star
  • Stop trying to stuff yourself down back into the lamp of society’s programming and that of your ancestors
  • Your inner Genie wears a turban with a shining gem on your 3rd eye.  Remember to use your intuition
  • You can do anything, so be patient and love yourself unconditionally


Whales and Dolphins, Pan and Star Beings

Do I work in other ways with other beings?  Yes.  In workshops that I have had channeled to me, I have been joined by Whales and Dolphins, guardians of immense knowledge; the record keepers.  Also the white Light of healing from the unicorns, bringing immense healing on all levels to people.  Physical, spiritual, mental and emotional.

I have worked with Pan, elementals from the land of fae, who do not hold back from saying deep truth in messages of laughter and fun.

I have had the pleasure of communicating with Star Beings from the Galactic Federation.  Giving soulful and immense messages of guidance and love.

I also remind people of their pure essence.  WE ARE THE DIAMOND WITHIN.  You are perfect, beautiful and divine.


Diamond Healing

After taking part in Diana Cooper’s Atlantis week in 2006, I asked for a Diamond for healing.  When I next visited the USA, a lady I hardly knew offered me 12 diamonds.  These I divided with a dear friend and gave three away to charity.  The others I made into my now Diamond Essences and Sprays.

All my sprays have powerful qualities to help with manifestation, healing and closer contact to the Angelic realm.

As a clairvoyant, I have been directed to make an Abundance Manifesting Kit, consisting of the Diamond Spectrum Healing Spray, booklet and CD.  Nothing is more powerful than the frequency of diamonds to attract and meld yourself more fully with the energy of love, joy and remembering who you truly are.

I believe you are all immense beings.  Having a spiritual journey in human form.  Learning to believe again in the gifts and powers you have had bestowed upon you.

I am here to help you remember, not to live and think small but to see the immense and much bigger story of your life.

Join me now in contacting me for a 1-1 session which last an hour, recorded onto a CD and is available via Skype, phone or in person.

If you want more indepth work done with the Angelic Realm and advancement with your own psychic development then book to have a series 5 Holistic, channeled Life Coaching session and see your spiritual connection grow.

Some Meditations are available to download on MP3 – See store or for Meditation on CD, email me direct.

Personal Meditation CD’s, channeled specifically to your vibration for a clear connection to your guides, angels and loved ones.  A personal journey of relaxation and deeper clarity.  Contact me for further details to order.

A special session to help you work more closely with your Guide and have a stronger connection.  To learn his or her name and culture so you may communicate and understand its signs and teachings to help you evolve spiritually.  Contact me for further details to book.

As was mentioned to me many year ago;  There are many unemployed Angels out there.  Go and employ some today!!